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Underwater Communications

Connecting underwater to the world.

Acoustic Nodes

Connecting Underwater Systems.

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Underwater Communications

Underwater Communications technological committee is invovled in the research, design and deployment of underwater wireless communication systems. It also organizes workshops and conferences such as IEEE Oceans Conference (twice a year) and UComms Conference (every other year).

Participant from Ucomms 2018

Student Engagement

Foster student interest with an emphasis on research and development of Underwater Communications & Networking.

Global Community

Facilitate the building of international relationships between students, academic institutions, and industry partners.


Encourage and promote creativity for future innovation.

Endless Possibilities

Broaden the range of student opportunities.

Technology Advancement

Capacity building and expand the base of Underwater Communications developers.


Promote & expand these competitions & workshops to new regions in the planet.


Provide a good & valuable experience for students to learn about Underwater Communications.


Be a resource center for student participants.

Share and Learn

Promote a global community which aims to learn collectively.

Enabling wireless communication for underwater systems.

A committee that is involved in research, design and deployment of underwater wireless communication systems.


Communication links and networks for pushing the limits of efficient and robust wireless transmission of information underwater.


To promote high quality discussions regarding cutting edge developments in the field.

Node Depl

Research Topics

Propagation and communication channel modeling; link-layer techniques (modulation/ detection, coding, signal processing methods); network-layer techniques (channel access and sharing, routing, transport control).


Enabling systems technology for search and rescue missions to climate recording and offshore industries such as aquaculture.

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Meet The Technology Committee

Milica Stojanovic

Milica Stojanovic

Mandar Chitre

Mandar Chitre

Lee Freitag

Lee Freitag

Joao Alves

Joao Alves

Roee Diamant

Roee Diamant